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We're talking about 'Developing managers'

Posted: 3 June 2019

Georgina Turner, our Interim Director for Sector Development – Engagement, kickstarts our June/July campaign when we put the spotlight on ‘Developing managers’. Georgina is championing the continuing professional development of our sector’s managers and their deputies.

During our campaign we’ll talk about the importance of ongoing learning and professional development and the value of peer support and wellbeing, amongst other key areas. We’ll address the real need for succession planning for the next generation of managers and recognise the critical role that our managers play in the delivery of high-quality care.

Investing in managers represents an investment in care services, staff and the quality of care provided. Evidence shows that the presence of an effective, well supported manager has the biggest influence on the overall quality of care provided and the positive outcome of Care Quality Commission ratings.

Not forgetting that, with as many as 10,000 registered managers due to retire in the next 15 years, a commitment to investing in accredited learning and continuing professional development (CPD) for managers and aspiring managers is required at all levels.

New recommendations

Skills for Care is publishing recommendations for developing managers, linked to support from the 2019/20 Workforce Development Fund (WDF). For aspiring managers these recommendations might represent a progression route, whilst for others coming from a different role or sector, they will outline recommended learning at the point the journey starts to become a registered manager.

And for existing managers, the recommendations outline key initiatives and learning programmes to support a manager’s continuing professional development (CPD). In a role and sector characterised by change, supporting our most experienced registered managers to continue to learn, develop and stay in our sector is crucial.  

Developing new managers and deputies

In late June we will be building on these recommendations with the publication of ‘Developing new managers and deputies’; our new online guide to spotting, supporting and developing talented staff.

Our recommendations and guidance support an important consideration when thinking about how we support our managers. Investment itself is not enough, how and in whom we invest will be the real difference.

Five ways to invest in managers

With that in mind, here are five ways that employers can make sure their investment in aspiring or existing managers is money well spent.

  1. Talent spot: don’t just look at who has the skills, but look at who shows the right values, commitment, potential and motivation to progress. That personal commitment is key; anyone looking to develop must be open and willing to learn from challenges.
  2. Regular supervision: whether someone is taking their first steps in management or not, regular supervision is a ‘must-have’. It doesn’t just help employers manage operational issues, but good supervision will also be an opportunity for reflection and growth.
  3. Make time: this can take lots of different forms. Time to put learning into practice; time for reflection; and time to complete learning. Being (or becoming) a manager is a big job, so it shouldn’t be rushed. That means early planning and creating capacity to give your deputies and managers the time they need to develop.
  4. Delegate: you must be prepared to delegate. There are two sides to this: if you feel you cannot leave your service then your deputies could miss out on development opportunities. On the other side, if you won’t delegate, how can others be expected to learn and grow in confidence.
  5. Offer support: you must support your deputies and managers. They should never feel they have to manage everything alone. Part of this is ensuring you have great deputies, seniors and staff. Don’t ever think of management and leadership as being about one person.

Find out more

Over the two months we’ll be sharing ideas and offering thought-leadership around developing managers. You’ll be able to access information and advice through articles, news stories and resources on our website and through sector magazines.