May 21

How registered managers can support and encourage learning at work

Posted: 20 May 2021

This week is Learning at Work Week, a time for celebrating lifelong learning and encouraging a culture of learning in all workplaces.  

Skills for Care’s focus is on creating a well-led, skilled, and valued adult social care workforce, and ongoing learning and development is key to achieving this.

So, this Learning at Work Week we’ve rounded up some tips and ideas to help registered managers to support and encourage ongoing learning and development among their team.


Webinars, podcasts, and blogs

The online world provides a whole host of learning opportunities including blogs, podcasts and webinars sharing industry news, advice, and insights.

Our very own ‘The care exchange’ podcast provides fascinating insight from a variety of people working within social care, while the Skills for Care blog is regularly updated with useful features and thought-provoking perspectives.

Care sector publications are another excellent place for keeping up with the latest sector news and advice, while bodies such as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) are regularly updated with new guidance and insights.

Why not bookmark a set of the most useful blogs, websites, podcasts, and webinars for your team and send them the list so they can easily access the most helpful content?


Get social

Social media isn’t just about sharing photos and ‘Happy Birthday’ messages, it’s also a great place for supporting learning and development.

Encourage your team to get active on platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn where they can follow other people and organisations within the sector to keep up with what others are doing, discuss ideas, and keep on top of news, resources and events being shared online. Keep up to date by following our social media account and get the conversation started - Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.


Training days and events

It can be tough to find the time, but if you’re able to arrange a full staff development day it can be a great way for everyone to learn new skills, discuss ideas and challenges, and support team bonding too.

As well as organising your own training days keep a lookout for training events and conferences being run by others – we host a whole range of training events facilitated by Skills for Care.

Now more and more events are being held virtually, making them easier to attend without having to travel. Encourage your team to keep an eye on events that may be of interest to them, including our Deputy Manager Networks.


Courses and qualifications 

Ongoing training is crucial to lifelong learning – whether it’s everyday refreshers of the basics or studying for new qualifications.

We provide a directory of endorsed training providers making it easy to find a recommended provider for your team.

There’s also a range of funding options you can apply for to help invest in training and development opportunities for your team, including the Workforce Development Fund.


Communicating goals and needs

To support and encourage ongoing learning for your team, it’s important to have open and honest communication about professional development.

Make sure to check in with your team regularly about how they’re working on their continued development and new things they have recently learned. Ask them what their goals are and plan together on how they can reach these goals, and make sure to follow up on progress.

Talking about learning, development, and goals on a regular basis will encourage enthusiasm and action from everyone to ensure ongoing learning is happening.


Learning from others 

One of the best ways to learn new skills, knowledge and ideas is to look at what other people are doing for inspiration.

We offer a ‘Learn from Others’ selection of case studies which provide incredible real-life case studies into some of the great work which care organisations are doing. Looking at these case studies and sharing with your team is a good way to open discussion around new ideas and to reflect on what you and your team are currently doing and how you can continue to improve.



Developing yourself to develop your team 

It’s not only your team’s learning and development you should support, but your own as well. Keeping on top of your ongoing learning not only sets a positive example for your team to do the same, but also helps to develop you as a leader so you can lead a better team and service.

As the membership organisation for registered managers we’re dedicated to providing support to help registered managers with their ongoing development, including with our wide range of registered managers webinars and affiliated bitesize resources.

Our Facebook group and Registered Managers Networks are also a great place for connecting with other registered managers and learning from and inspiring each other.