Investing in recruitment

As the Department of Health and Social Care launches its national recruitment campaign to inspire more to people to work in care, we want to help adult social care employers to select the right people, with the right values and skills, from this talent pool.

This February, we're sharing practical advice, tips and guidance to support employers to invest in their recruitment process, so they get the right people the first time round - this is vital to delivering high quality care and support. 

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Breaking the cycle of recruiting the wrong people 

We know that lots of employers put time, effort and money into recruiting, and that this pays off. But when you’re short staffed, some employers have admitted that they rush through the recruitment process and prioritise getting enough staff in rather than getting the right staff in.

Annette Baines, Programme Head for Recruitment and Retention, talks about the ways you can invest in the recruitment process and break the cycle of recruiting the wrong people. It includes practical tips to help you plan your recruitment, attract the right candidates and select the right people. 

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Accolades winner, Right at Home (Derby) share what they do to recruit the right people

Right at Home (Derby) were winners of the ‘Best recruitment initiative’ category in this year's Accolades awards. They focus on recruiting people with the right values, and invest in a robust process to do this. Their recruitment needs are established by the requirements of their customers and potential customers making enquiries about their services. They have a controlled growth plan in place to allow for measured and sustainable recruitment and have a target customer/client ratio of 1:1. 

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Six ways to select the right people

In our ‘Secrets of success’ research, 86% of respondents said that people’s values and behaviours was the most important thing that they consider in the selection process – and this seems to work, as they had a turnover rate of less than 10%. There are different selection methods you can use to explore people’s values and make the right choice, and we explore six of them in this article. 

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Blog: Being innovative with your recruitment supports long-term retention

Registered manager, Debby Lamont, shares her thoughts on how being innovative with your recruitment can improve the delivery of care and increase staff retention. She works at Middleton Hall Retirement Village and they involve staff, residents and their families to get the right person that reflects their person-centred culture.

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Article: Recruit high quality staff with I Care…Ambassadors

As an employer, joining the I Care…Ambassadors initiative can help you with your recruitment challenges. As well as promoting care careers, joining the initiative can help you to attract new recruits with the right values, alongside developing and retaining existing staff. 

In this article we hear from employers who've experienced a rage of different benefits to their recruitment processes since joining the I Care…Ambassador initiative.

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