Jan 18

A national recruitment campaign in adult social care: tell us what you think

Posted on Friday 5th January 2018

The demand for social care and support continues to grow, and Skills for Care estimates that there are around 345,000 leavers in the sector every year – that’s over 900 every day - and approximately 90,000 vacancies at any one time.  

The adult social care sector faces challenges to recruit and retain enough staff with the right values.

Despite numerous interventions, our research suggests that vacancy and turnover rates continue to rise. This is because unemployment rates have fallen, competition from other sectors has increased and the demand for adult social care services has grown.

A national recruitment campaign for the adult social care sector in England, delivered locally, is proposed as one potential solution to the sector’s recruitment and retention challenges.

We’d like to hear what you think about the campaign, and how it might work in our sector.

Please complete the online survey before Thursday 01 February 2018. You can do it individually or as a team, and it should only take 10-20 minutes. Please share this link with your colleagues.

You can also sign up to one of our webinars to give your feedback. Find out more about the campaign and book your place.

The initial aims of the recruitment campaign would be to:

  • raise awareness and improve perceptions of the social care sector
  • help people understand whether a job in social care would be right for them
  • inspire people with the right values, behaviours and characteristics to want to work in adults social care
  • connect people, locally, to a vacancy, work experience or relevant training programme.

In the medium-term, it’s expected this activity will provide an increased stream of appropriate applications to employers and education/ training providers; and in the long-term reduce vacancy, and potentially also turnover, rates.


Further support

Skills for Care has lots of practical tools and resources to support your recruitment and retention.

Our Finding and keeping workers toolkit can help you attract, take on and keep the right people for your organisation.