Sep 17

Building links with local schools and colleges: an effective recruitment strategy for social care employers

Posted on Monday 11th September 2017

As teachers and careers advisors are busy planning their activities for the year ahead, now’s the perfect time to start building links with your local schools and colleges.

The latest figures suggest that our sector will need to find enough people to fill an extra 500,000 jobs by 2030. And with increasing turnover rates, employers need to think of new ways to increase their pool of talent and recruit the right people into their vacancies. 

I Care…Ambassadors is a great way to do this - building links with local schools and colleges can help you inspire more young people to work in adult social care.

When you join you’ll nominate enthusiastic staff to do careers activities to promote your organisation and the sector as a great place to work.

Your organisation will also appear on the online Search Register that’s accessed by hundreds of teachers and careers advisors every month – helping you build these links.

And best of all, we have the evidence to show that it works. 93% of people told us they had a better idea of what it’s like to work in social care having heard from an ambassador, and over a third said they were more interested in a career in social care.

Home Instead, a domiciliary care organisation, decided to join I Care…Ambassadors to meet the growing demand for care workers.

Community Service Representative, Eula, told us how it’s helped them build links with local schools and colleges, and support their recruitment and retention. 

“Being part of I Care…Ambassadors has given us avenues into potential talent pools that we wouldn’t have otherwise accessed.

Through the initiative, schools and colleges have contacted us and we’ve been invited by the council to do talks to people who are trying to get back into employment. It’s given us a wider net to go and talk to people.

Our ambassadors go out and they’re passionate about their jobs – talking about their role really motivates other people and we’ve had a lot of people applying for roles through the initiative.

It’s really helped us put the name of our business out there in the local area - it’s boosted our profile quite a lot.”


How do I join?

Most employers choose to join an establish partnership – this means they’ve already built links with local schools and colleges and have a coordinator in place to organise the activities. Our step by step guidance will support you to find and join your local partnership.

Some employers choose to set up their own I Care…Ambassador service – this means you’re responsible for the day to day running and organising activities.

Read more about joining I Care…Ambassadors.

If you’re a teacher or careers advisor and would like to find a local ambassador to do a talk or activity visit the Search Register