Mar 18

Develop the numeracy skills of your staff this World Maths Day

Posted on Wednesday 7th March 2018

Maths skills might not be the first thing you think about when it comes to what skills people working in adult social care need.

Lots of managers might not realise they use maths as much as they do or even recognise that care work involves maths at all. But on further thought, there are actually lots of ways that care workers use maths in their everyday role. By this we mean the ability to:

  • work effectively with numbers, data and measurements
  • use mathematical thinking to solve problems,.

For example, they could be responsible for taking people’s weight and height to monitor their BMI and general health.

If care workers are monitoring someone’s fluid intake, they’ll need to fill in a chart and write down how much they drink.

And it’s not just font-line care workers who need good maths skills. Kitchen staff need to understand nutritional information to provide a balanced diet, check fridge temperatures, temperature-probe cooked food and operate microwaves.

In some cases, good maths skills can contribute to the success or failure of your business.

For example, supervisors and managers might organise a staff rota, complete time sheets and work out people’s wages, which all need maths skills.

Domiciliary agencies in particular run on tight schedules and to do this, workers need the ability to manage their time and work.

It’s therefore important that everyone working in adult social care has the right maths skills to be able to do their job.

We have activities and guidance to help you develop the skills of your workers.

  • You can use our short learner activities in recruitment, induction or ongoing learning and development to assess and develop maths skills.
  • These activities come with a manager’s assessment sheet so you know what to look out for in people’s answers.
  • You could also buy our Learning through Work pack from the online bookshop. They’re for front line care staff and include booklets to help them understand basic numeracy skills and applies them to practical tasks in the workplace.

Visit our core skills web page to find out more.