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I Care Ambassadors can help you attract and recruit more young people

Posted on Monday 31st July 2017

I Care…Ambassadors deliver careers activities, such as presentations and careers fairs, to inspire people to work in adult social care.

If you’re an employer, it’s a great way to promote social care and your organisation to young people at local schools and colleges - you could also provide work experience or taster days.

Results day is the perfect time to target students getting their results and start building relationships with schools and colleges ready for their ‘back to school’ planning in September.

When you join I Care…Ambassadors you’ll get exclusive access to an online Hub, which has lots of practical resources to help you organise and run inspiring activities.

You’ll also appear on the online Search Register where teachers, careers and employment advisors can contact you to request an ambassador, so it’s a great way to raise your profile.

Warrington Social Care Employer Partnership (WSCEP) is a collection of social care employers who work together to promote careers in social care in their local area.

Last year they ran a project to recruit more young people. They supported young workers who already worked in the sector to become ambassadors - they thought that students would find it more engaging to hear from other young people about why they chose to work in social care.

The ambassadors did training to develop their communication and presentation skills, and shared ideas about the different activities they could do.

The partnership contacted local schools and colleges and arranged nine careers activities, all of which have requested that ambassadors go back again. One head teacher said:

“The ambassadors input has been invaluable. I teach health and social care yet I’ve never worked in the sector. The work examples that the ambassadors have given are easy to understand and not ones I have ever considered.”

As a result, the partnership have had several expressions of interest from students and so far seven young people have done work experience with local social care employers, with more awaiting placements.

The Suffolk Brokerage, who are also involved in I Care…Ambassadors, did a similar project to recruit students from health and social care courses as apprentices, and they found that this was a great way of engaging with young people.

Debbie Groom from Ashmore Nursing Home who were involved in the project said:

“May passion is to support people into the sector and help them progress. We were able to support a young person with a placement and now she’s become our first apprentice. It’s a good way of engaging with young people and recruiting the right people into the sector.”

Join I Care…Ambassadors today and help us inspire more young people to work in social care.


Get involved this GCSE and A Level results day

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