Oct 20

Learning from events – new online learning module to support your response to COVID-19

Posted on Monday 26th October 2020

Skills for Care has launched a digital learning module to support adult social care managers in carrying out holistic learning reviews following any incidents or near misses within the care setting, such as a COVID-19 outbreak.

The government’s Winter Plan asks employers to carry out a learning review after a COVID-19 outbreak, or near miss. This new learning module will enable managers to take teams through the steps to complete a comprehensive learning review and to develop an effective action plan to protect the people they work with and avoid repeat incidents.

“Given the serious impact of coronavirus on different services right across the sector we knew we needed to create this new learning module, so when leaders and managers bring their team members together they know the right steps to carry out really thorough learning reviews,” says Skills for Care CEO Oonagh Smyth. 

The easy to use module commissioned by the Department of Health and Social Care covers:

▪       what learning reviews are, why they’re needed and how they can help you

▪       how managers can move from completing reviews at an individual level to involving the wider team

▪       practical tips and templates for embedding learning reviews into your working environment.

Employers can claim £100 from the Workforce Development Fund for everyone who completes the module. Employers can find out how to make a claim.

Oonagh continues,

“We also knew we needed to offer financial support to maximise the use of this tool throughout what is likely  to be a challenging winter for providers who can use the module to keep both their employees and the people they work with as safe as possible.”

The module is now available on the Skills for Care virtual learning environment. Simply log in to your Skills for Care account (or register if you don’t have one) and select the virtual learning environment button. You’ll be directed to our virtual learning environment where you can access the ‘Learning from events’ digital module.

Find out more about the ‘Learning from events’ digital module.

“Time in care is always short, however carrying out a learning review allows you to spend valuable time listening before jumping in to make changes.  This pays dividends over time as you have the staff on your side - investing time with them when something has gone wrong will provide you with a stronger team going forwards.” - Keren Salt, Director of Quality and Compliance at WCS Care