Apr 17

Look to the future to fix the workforce today

Posted on Monday 10th April 2017

New resource launched to help you implement a new workforce development plan.

From today, social care employers across the country will have access to a brand new resource to help them plan and develop their workforce.

With an estimated 90,000 vacancies in adult social care on any given day, and a turnover rate of 27.3% for directly employed staff working in the adult social care sector*, employers are increasingly looking for guidance and resources around planning and developing their workforce for the future.

Developed in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council, Skills for Care is helping employers get to grips with the complexities of workforce planning with the launch of a new online tool.

The tool - which is free for social care employers to use - uses a simple 'question and answer' format to help them explore the factors that affect workforce capacity and capability. It then sends a personalised email report to the employer which includes recommendations for action and links to further resources and guidance.

Jim Thomas, Programme Head - Workforce Innovation at Skills for Care said:

"We developed and tested this tool with, and for, social care employers to explore a wide range of workforce issues and challenges, such as workforce supply and demand, succession planning and establishing learning and development priorities for their organisation.”

Rachel Lawrence, Commercial Manager at Oxfordshire County Council said:

"Workforce planning is about making sure that your organisation has the right number of people, with the right values and skills, in the right place, at the right time, for the right cost. That's a tall order especially as the social care sector is currently facing huge workforce challenges.

"This tool will help employers, particularly small employers, to take a step back and explore all of these factors in some detail. By understanding what's really happening on issues such as staff retention, sickness absence, employers will be better placed to take the actions needed today to deliver the workforce that they - and we - need for the future.

To access the tool visit www.skillsforcare.org.uk/WPDT


*The State of the Adult Social Care Sector and Workforce in England 2016