Mar 19

Manager Induction Standards: new eLearning modules launched

Posted on Thursday 21st March 2019

The Manager Induction Standards (MIS) eLearning modules have been created to help deputies, aspiring managers and new managers develop the knowledge they need to be competent in the role of a manager. There are now six MIS eLearning modules available which are mapped to standards 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9.

The standalone eLearning modules can be used by new managers as part of their induction into their new role or for deputies and aspiring managers within a career development programme.

The interactive exercises, videos and audio, from real managers in real settings, will help learners to increase their knowledge and reflect on their own work and service.

Priced at £15 per module, they’re great value for money. The standalone modules can be accessed at any time and learners are able to save their progress as they go, allowing them to work at their own pace. 

What’s available?

There are six available modules:

  • Leadership and management (mapped to standard 1)
  • Governance and regulatory process (mapped to standard 2)
  • Communication (mapped to standard 3)
  • Relationships and partnerships (mapped to standard 4)
  • Professional development (mapped to standard 6)
  • Manage self (mapped to standard 9)

To access the MIS eLearning modules log in to your Skills for Care account or click here to register for an account.

To find out more about the MIS eLearning modules click here.


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