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Managing a care service – how we can support you

Posted on Monday 2nd July 2018

We know there’s lots that goes into managing an adult social care service, and we have advice and tools to help. This July we want to share these with you, to help you manage your service in the best way possible.

The foundations of any well-managed service include:

  • planning your service to ensure it meets the needs of the people who access it
  • managing resources to ensure you have enough of the right people
  • managing people so you have staff who are motivated and understand how to deliver high quality care and support
  • monitoring performance so you understand what works well and where and how you can improve.

Our practical guides can support you at every step.

Planning your service

“Services should be shaped around all aspects of a client’s daily life and how they wish to achieve wellbeing.”

Lorna Dawber, Home Care Manager, Carefound Home Care (taken from Skills for Care’s ‘Good and outstanding care guide’)

Including people who access care and support in the planning process can help you develop and deliver truly person-centred services.

This week (02-06 July) we’re supporting SCIE’s Co-production Week 2018. Read a blog from our CEO, Sharon Allen, which talks about how co-production can help you develop and deliver more person-centred care and support. 

Managing resources

“I review my staffing levels at least every three months and have flexibility built into my budget to increase above normal levels where required. This is about being responsive to changing needs, having proactive care planning approaches and being clear that you’re comfortably meeting the person-centred needs of current residents before admitting new people.”

Jason Denny, Registered Home Manager, Old Hastings House (taken from Skills for Care’s ‘Good and outstanding care guide’)

Your staff are your best resource so it’s important that you have enough of the right people.

Set up or update your National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) account. You can use this online service  to record important data about your workforce, log staff training and qualifications, access funding and then also use it to identify future demand in your area and see trends or patterns in your workforce such as sickness rates and turnover. You can do this using your dashboards once you log into your account.

  • Using a values-based approach to your recruitment will help you recruit more of the right people. It involves identifying your workplace values and ensuring that your staff match them, and our online toolkit can help you do this.

Latest insight

  • Read our article about how you can ensure you have enough of the right staff, with the right values and skills, to deliver high quality care and support in your service. 

Managing people

“As a registered manager I continually remind my staff of the importance of their role and encourage them with new opportunities to learn – which helps staff retention.”

Beth Cheffings, Ridge House Residential Home (taken from Skills for Care’s ‘Good and outstanding care guide’)

Your service is only as good as the people delivering them. Therefore how you manage your staff has a huge impact on the quality of care you provide, and this is a key part of managing any care service.

  • Our People performance management toolkit will help you to make sure your staff are working to the best of their ability from induction through to departure. It uses practical examples to explain how to manage different types of performance and talk to your staff about it. 
  • Effective supervision is a key part of managing people – our research found that most providers who were rated good and outstanding by the CQC ensured their staff have regular supervision and appraisals. Our ‘Effective supervision in adult social care guide’ explains all your need to know about workplace supervision. Throughout July you can buy a copy of our printed workbook at a discounted price from our bookshop.

Latest insight

  • Read our article about what makes good people management, with a particular focus on effective supervision. 

  • Read our article about how to do effective succession planning in your service, to ensure you continue to provide consistent and quality care and support. 

Monitoring the performance of your service

“There’s a culture of continuous improvement and organisational learning that’s now embedded throughout the organisation.”

Cressida Rapela, Regional Operations Manager, Welmede Housing Association (taken from Skills for Care’s ‘Good and outstanding care guide’)

Monitoring how your service is performing tells you what’s working well and where you can improve. This ensures that your service continues to meet the needs of the people you support in an evolving adult social care sector.

  • You can use your NMDS-SC account to compare your organisation with others locally or nationally to see how you’re doing.  For example, you might feel you have a high turnover of staff, or pay less than other employers but when you compare yourself – you’re actually doing ok.  Find out more about how to open an account on the National Minimum Data Set for Social Care (NMDS-SC) here.
  • CQC inspections are a great way of monitoring how well your service is performing against their key lines of enquiry. Our ‘Good and outstanding care guide’ can help you prepare for inspection and improve your service.

  • If you’re proud of how your service is performing, have you thought about applying for our Accolades awards? They celebrate the best of the best in adult social care. Applications are now open so don’t miss out.


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