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Managing your best resource – your people

Posted on Tuesday 10th July 2018

The service you deliver is only as good as the people who deliver it –so it’s vital that you plan and manage them effectively. A crucial part of managing any adult social care service is ensuring that you have enough of the right staff, with the right values and skills, to deliver high quality care and support.

Our Finding and keeping workers toolkit has practical tips, guidance and templates to help you at every stage of your recruitment and retention, to ensure that you get the most out of your best resource – your workforce. We can help you to plan your recruitment, attract more people, select the right people and ultimately, keep them. 

Plan your recruitment

In our Secrets of success research report, over half of employers with a turnover rate of less than 10% had a recruitment plan to ensure they have the right mix and numbers of workers to meet current and future demand for their services.

Before you start recruiting people, you need to understand who you need to recruit, in terms of people and roles. This involves understanding:

  • what your drivers for business are
  • what challenges you might need to overcome in the near future, for example do you have a lot of workers nearing retirement age
  • if there are any commissioning changes that you need to plan for.

An NMDS-SC account can help you collect data about your workforce to make informed decisions about your recruitment. You can use this data alongside our workforce planning tool which will guide you through the process of developing a workforce plan.

Attract more people

Once you have a plan, you need to attract people to your vacancies.

Your job adverts are often the first thing people see about your organisation, so they need to be clear about the type of person you want to apply and promote your organisation as a great place to work.

There are lots of different places where people might see your job adverts, and you should use a range of different methods to reach more people including jobs boards, careers fairs or talks, online advertising, community engagement and social media.

Think about what your ‘unique selling point’ is depending on where you’re advertising and who it’s aimed at. For example your advert for school leavers might focus on training opportunities whereas an advert aimed at parents might look at flexible working and childcare benefits.

Select people with the right values

Once you’ve attracted people to your vacancies, you need to ensure that you select the right people.

Taking a values-based approach will ensure that you select people with the right values for your organisation, who know what it means to deliver high quality care and support and are more likely to stay.

There are lots of ways you can assess whether people are right for the job in the application and selection process. Application forms and interviews are the most common, but you need to ensure you ask the right questions to draw out people’s values and assess whether they’re right for the role. You might also use pre-screening methods such as personality profiling tools, telephone interviews and taster days, or assessment centres as part of your selection process.

Keep the right people

When you’ve selected the right people to start work, it’s vital that you keep them. There’s no one secret ingredient for staff retention – but there are lots of things that help.

A thorough induction ensures staff have the right skills and knowledge and know what’s expected from them from the start. Ongoing learning and development enables staff to continue to grow, and it can really motivate them to work for you.

In our Secrets of success research report, employers with a turnover rate of less than 10% told us that respecting and valuing staff was the most important thing an employer can do to retain people.

Our Accolades awards celebrate the best of the best of adult social care employers and are a great opportunity to recognise the hard work that everyone in your organisation does. Apply for Accolades 2019 now on our website – applications close on 07 September 2018 and the winners are announced at our awards ceremony in January 2019.

Find out more

Managing your best resource, your people, is just one part of managing your service and we have lots of resources to help.

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