Nov 18

New: Support for employers to recruit safely and fairly

Posted on Tuesday 20th November 2018

This 'Safe and fair recruitment guide' helps social care and health employers understand their legal rights and responsibilities when carrying out criminal record (DBS) checks. Whilst it’s essential that people receiving support are well-cared for and safeguarded from harm, the guide supports employers to recruit fairly and safely, assessing risks and applicant suitability along the way.

It’s important to have effective recruitment processes in place, however, many recruitment practices unintentionally exclude people with criminal records from employment. This results in employers missing out on a huge pool of potential recruits who have the right values to make a positive contribution to a role in adult social care.

The guide helps employers understand that having a criminal record doesn’t necessarily mean that a person is unsuitable. It provides information and practical examples to help employers confidently implement safe and fair recruitment policies and procedures.

The guide includes:

  • information on legal rights and responsibilities regarding criminal record checks (DBS)
  • DBS eligibility criteria and appropriate level checks for different roles
  • help in addressing any existing barriers to recruitment
  • support to make recruitment processes more open
  • information on risk assessments for applicants with criminal records
  • guidance for making informed decisions about applicant suitability.

Download the guide