Jun 19

New guide addresses the importance of succession planning

Posted on Monday 24th June 2019

With at least 10,000 registered managers retiring in the next 15 years, Skills for Care’s new succession planning guide will help adult social care employers plan for their next generation of leaders.

The ‘Developing new managers and deputies’ guide asks employers to think hard about the pressing question: “where’s your next manager coming from?”

The new guide was developed after Skills for Care’s research revealed that all too often managers arrive in post having never planned to become a manager, which often leads to having to learn ‘on-the-job’. When new managers are developed through a leadership journey they’re much more likely to thrive in a challenging but rewarding profession.  

Georgina Turner, Skills for Care’s Interim Director; Sector Development - Engagement knows this is an issue that needs addressing urgently, especially as there’s currently a 20% annual turnover of these key leaders.

“Succession planning can effectively future-proof our sector by creating a pipeline of new care managers, and it’s something that all regulated care providers should be planning ahead for right now,” notes Georgina.

“We know the early development of new managers helps with retention and strengthens services because a well-led and skilled workforce will deliver high-quality services for those people who need care and support now and into the future.”

The new guide is based on Skills for Care’s engagement with adult social care employers who are already developing the confidence of their aspiring and new managers. This work has identified a recommended route of support and development for future managers that works by promoting a blend of development opportunities, programmes and qualifications and a step-by-step approach to career progression.

The easy-to-use, practical guide includes:

  • how employers can spot talent and identify future deputies and managers
  • how skills and confidence can be built through championing, shadowing managers, delivering internal training and leading projects
  • how qualifications, courses and standardssupport development
  • examples of what regulated providers are already doing for succession planning, including interviews with new managers and deputies
  • how employers can access new and enhanced Workforce Development Funding
  • practical checklists, examples and downloads to support planning.

Dave Large, Manager at Wirral Independent Living and Learning (WILL) supported his Company Manager to complete Skills for Care’s recent ‘Aspiring manager’s programme’. Learning from that programme, and the ‘New manager’s programme’ has been used to develop this guide.

“We view the importance of succession planning very highly,” says Dave. “We understand that, at times, people can be promoted from one role to a higher level simply because they were good at the lower level role.

“They can then go on to struggle in the higher role unless supported and given the experiences and opportunities to learn the role progressively.”


Find out more 

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  • We are currently running a ‘Developing managers’ campaign that can be followed here and on Twitter at #DevelopingManagers