Mar 17

New resources to support disabled people into work in adult social care

Posted on Thursday 16th March 2017

It’s never been more important to recruit and retain the right workers, and disabled people have lots of offer the adult social care and health sector.

We’re urging more adult social care and health employers to support disabled people into employment, and have worked with other leading organisations to develop guidance to help.

What’s the business case?

There are around 7 million disabled people of working age in the UK, 3.8 million of whom are out of work. Many of these people are able to and want to work, and can make a positive contribution to our sector.

We know creating disabled-friendly recruitment and retention practices can help your organisation to:

  • widen your talent pool of recruits
  • create a diverse workforce that reflects the people you support
  • bring additional skills and experience to your organisation.

Making relatively small changes in your workforce can make a real difference to the employment prospects of disabled people, and a massive difference to the positive contributions that they can make to your business.

Guidance to help

  • We’ve also tackled some of the common myths about employing disabled people to show that in fact, disabled workers have lots of offer the adult social care and health workforce. You can request a paper copy of our busting the myths key cards by emailing us.

There’s also lots of useful resources on Finding and keeping workers to help you attract more people, recruit the right people, develop your talent and keep your people.