May 18

Our new learning and development guide is launching

Posted on Monday 14th May 2018

This #lovetolearn month we’ve already heard how good and outstanding rated services invest in the learning and development of their workforce.

Welmede Housing Association is a good example of an organisation, who has achieved a number of good and outstanding CQC ratings, who recognise the importance of investing in learning and development.

As part of staff’s continuous professional development we give staff the opportunity to undertake vocational qualifications in Level 2 and 3 Diplomas in Health and Social Care, and managers to undertake the Level 4 and 5 Diplomas.” Cressida Rapela, Regional Operations Director, Welmede Housing Association.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) also recognise the relationship between good and outstanding care and the quality of staff development throughout their reports, handbooks and guidance.

Questions, questions and more questions...

But identifying the learning and development needs of your organisation can be a daunting task… How do I decide what learning and development is needed? Should I look at apprenticeships or qualifications or is there something else instead? How do I choose the right approach? How much is it all going to cost? How do I know if it’s been successful? How do I keep my workforce up to date?

The questions can seem endless and that’s why we’ve created this new learning and development guide. Developed with managers in mind, it aims to answers some of the questions you might have and provides a starting point in how to develop an effective and efficient learning and development strategy for your organisation.

Practical advice and guidance

This interactive guide highlights the importance and benefits of learning and development opportunities and how to identify the needs of your services. It introduces you to apprenticeships and qualifications, other learning opportunities and how to find out what is best suited to your business needs and those of your workforce.

It’s full of hints and tips on how to choose the right approach and full of practical guidance in the delivery and assessment of learning and development opportunities. It provides information on the cost of training and measuring its success along with providing information and ideas on how to keep your workforce up to date.

We’re sure you’ll find it a useful tool!

Click here to view the new learning and development guide.

Learning and development guide