Jun 17

Recognising and supporting carers this Carers Week 2017

Posted on Monday 12th June 2017

There are around 6.5 million carers caring for a friend or family member in the UK, with the majority providing unpaid support for someone else alongside balancing their own work and personal lives. It can be a demanding and exhausting role, which is why we’re proud to show our support and to celebrate the amazing work carers do this Carers Week (12-18 June).  

We want to help recognise their contribution, which saves the economy millions of pounds every year. Caring can be rewarding but also very challenging, impacting on a carer’s emotional, physical and financial wellbeing. Three in four carers feel they are not understood or valued by their community, and so it's crucial to ensure carers are given the right help and support.

This year individuals and organisations are asked to help build carer friendly communities to aid carers in supporting their loved ones, but to also see them as individuals with their own needs, to be able to work if they want to, and to have a life of their own outside their caring role. You can recommended a carer friendly community here.

Many of the 1.43 million strong adult social care workforce in England are trying to balance their professional duties with their caring responsibilities. We have developed a number of free tools and resources to help adult social care employers support their employees who may also be carers.

Common core principles for working with carers’ outlines the behaviours carers would like to see when professionals are working with them. It reinforces the message that carers are equal partners in care and have both skills to share and to acquire.

Carers matter – everybody’s business’ helps you to understand the needs of carers through the learning and development of staff. It’s available in three parts which act as tools to help enable training courses.

Carer’s assessments: getting it right’ is a free e-learning course for anyone who carries out adult carers’ assessments. Based upon the common core principles, it offers advice and best practice guidance on how to prepare for and conduct statutory carers’ assessments to achieve the best outcomes for carers.

Two supporting guides ‘Carers and communities and ‘Assessing carer’s needs’ are also available to support e-learning.

Balancing work and care: a carer’s guide sets out basic information about carers at work including how their employer might be able to help them, their legal rights at work, practical help with caring and further sources of advice and support.

Dementia: workers and carers together’ and ‘Dementia and carer: workers resources’ includes hands on advice for care workers based on typical experiences of family and friends who are caring or a person with dementia. They aim to encourage those in social care to actively support the carer as well as the person with dementia.

You can access these resources and many more on our carers webpage.

Show your support for Carers Week using the hashtag #carersweek.