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Timing is everything: make the most out of this autumn recruitment peak

Posted on Monday 4th September 2017

Timing is everything: make the most out of this autumn recruitment peak  

Following the summer slump and a new wave of students looking for their next step after education, the latest trends suggest that the number of people looking for jobs increases in September and October.

If you’re looking to recruit new staff, we have lots of advice and resources to help you make the most out of this ‘autumn peak’.

We spoke to 140 adult social care organisations who have a staff turnover rate of less than 10% to look at what they do to successfully recruit and retain staff.

Here, we share some of their secrets of success.


1.    Plan your workforce

Two thirds of these organisations use workforce planning tools to ensure they have the right mix and numbers of staff to deliver the care and support needed.

Crimson Hill Support told us:

“[Having a recruitment and retention plan] helps you keep focused on what you need as an organisation. It clearly highlights how and why you’re recruiting.”

It enables you to act strategically rather than reactively, so you can target people with the right skills and values and build on recruitment methods you know work well.

We have an easy to use workforce planning and development tool to help you recruit the right people to make your business grow.


 2.    Invest in raw talent  

86% of these organisations rated values and behaviours as the most important consideration when selecting new staff, followed by prior work experience and then qualifications.

Foxglove Care Limited told us:

“When recruiting we have in our minds ‘would we like them to look after our family member?’”

Taking a values and behaviours-based approach can help you recruit people who are the right fit for your organisation and the social care sector.

Our free online toolkit can help you embed values and behaviours in every step of your recruitment and retention process, to ensure you find and keep the right people.


3.    Stand out as a great employer

The organisations we spoke to said that investing in staff development, having a positive workplace culture, offering flexible working patterns, competitive pay rates and using a values-based approach to recruitment helped them to develop a strong reputation which employers said was ‘priceless’ in successfully recruiting and retaining staff.

Linton Support said:

“Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible support for our clients, and are valued for their efforts.

Our reputation is founded on being an enjoyable place to work, with a supportive team, transparent practices and the client at the forefront of all we do.”

The Accolades awards gives you the chance to stand out as a great employer. Apply now and show your investment in your staff - entries close on Thursday 21 September.


4.    Advertise in the right places

When advertising their job vacancies, organisations find that the best ways are through ‘refer a friend’ initiatives, adverts on their website and social media, in local papers and on posters in the local community.

They particularly highlighted the importance of using word of mouth through existing employees, which can be a valuable avenue to pursue. 41% of organisations also promoted the organisation at local events to raise awareness of potential opportunities.

I Care…Ambassadors is a great way to promote your organisation. When you join, you’ll nominate enthusiastic staff to deliver careers activities in local schools, colleges and groups to promote careers in social care.

Find out more and join our national team.


5.    Find the right fit

These organisations use a range of recruitment methods including application forms, CV’s and supporting statements to ensure they find candidates who are the right fit.

Lots also use work experience or taster days, pre-interview assessments, pre-employment training and apprenticeships to find out if candidates are the right fit for their organisation.

The ‘Take on the right people’ section of Finding and keeping workers has lots of practical advice and guidance to help.


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