Jul 19

Values at the heart of recruitment and retention

Posted on Tuesday 23rd July 2019

New website sections for recruitment and retention

Research shows that using a values-based approach to recruitment and retention is extremely beneficial. Not only does it lead to the delivery of high-quality care and support, it also helps to recruit and retain a motivated, committed workforce who feel valued for the work they do.

Research has shown that it leads to:

  • lower staff turnover
  • better staff performance
  • a positive return on investment
  • lower recruitment costs
  • lower absence and sickness rates.

Our new Recruitment and Retention website area focuses on three main areas where a values-based approach can make a difference to recruiting and retaining the right people.

These are:

Planning your recruitment

Recruiting the right people

Retaining your staff

Through these website sections, we share useful practical tools and resources that employers can use. We also share good practice examples from employers through videos, quotations and case studies.