There's always something new to learn

Two women learningEvery day's a school day

In September we're going to be focusing on the importance of learning and development in adult social care. We'll be:

  • providing ideas on how to identify learning and development needs
  • raising awareness about the types of learning available
  • sharing resources and ideas on how employers and their employees can learn new things
  • offering advice on the practical aspects of learning and development including funding and where and how to find quality learning.

We'll update this page through the month with insight pieces and blogs from the sector. You can follow the campaign on Twitter using #learnsomethingnew.

Week 1

Blog: There's always something new to learn

To state the blooming obvious we are learning all the time, it is not age restricted and we learn in many varied ways. Important to also note that not all of what we learn is positive. Two questions for employers are ‘what are your workers learning?’ and 'how are they learning?'.

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever is an article which focusses on how the challenge of deciding what learning and development opportunities to provide your staff with, and how to implement them, isn’t easy. But it’s essential to get it right. Not just for the benefits it can bring to individual workers, but for the impact it can have on those who need care and support and on your retention rates.

Week 2

We've launched two online learning modules to help frontline leaders and managers develop their knowledge and skills. They include real life case studies and scenarios to help you reflect on your practice. 

New research reveals more about the 20,000 influential people in adult social care. We've been finding out more about registered managers. Our recent research has revealed new insights into one of the most influential roles in adult social care.

It's very important that leaders and managers are given the opportunity to develop themselves, in order to ensure that the highest standards of quality in social care can be attained and maintained across the sector. Find out how you can #learnsomethingnew with our leadership programmes.

Week 3

Why learning from your peers is so important

During #learnsomethingnew month, Carol Harris, registered nurse at The Lawns Nursing Home, offers an insight into the importance of learning from your peers and how her local registered manager network offers the ideal opportunity to do just that.

Apprenticeships: a valuable approach to developing your workforce

The changing landscape of apprenticeships has left employers facing some big challenges but this article looks into why they can still play an important role in the development of your workforce.

Week 4

Developing your workforce can take significant investment but there is funding available to help with this cost. Hear how the Workforce Development Fund can help your organisation.