Corporate and business plans

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Corporate plan 2018-23

Our corporate plan is our strategic planning document that gives a framework for the delivery of our services.

It is a clear statement of our purpose, aims, values and priorities for 2018-23.

Our purpose

To achieve a caring, skilled, confident and well led social care workforce valued by everyone.

Our aims

Our aims link clearly to our annual Business Plan (below), which contains our Work Programme for the Department of Health and Social Care. We will:

  • Support social care employers to recruit and retain sufficiency of a caring, skilled, competent and values led workforce. (Links to the recruitment and retention section of our Work Programme)
  • Use data, workforce intelligence and our unique employer engagement to support development of a workforce that is effective in meeting citizens’ needs. (Links to the Improvement section of our Work Programme)
  • Model being a Learning Organisation and actively promote learning and development, including achievement of qualifications, to enhance provision responding to citizens’ needs. (Links to the Improvement section of our Work Programme)
  • Promote practice through all of our resources and activity that keeps people safe and that innovates to support new ways of working. (Links to our Prevention and Wellbeing section of our Work Programme)
  • Develop compassionate leaders at every level to ensure citizen focused services are well-led. (Links to the Improvement and Workforce for integration sections of our Work Programme)
  • Maximise investment into leadership and workforce development through our social enterprise. (Links to our Business Development activity)

Five-year plan April 2019 - March 2024

In an operating context that is both volatile and uncertain, Skills for Care has recognised the need for a longer term strategic plan to help us successfully plot our course over the coming years. While our annual business plan sets out our key objectives, deliverables and impacts for each year, this document sets out at a strategic level, our likely focus over the next five years.

Business plan 2019-20

Our 2019-20 business plan sets out how we will help the adult social care sector get, keep and develop a quality workforce.

We value very highly our role as the delivery partner for the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) on leadership and workforce in social care. Throughout 2018-19 we will continue to work collaboratively with DHSC and other key national organisations, employers of all shapes and sizes, registered managers and people who use care and support, their families and carers.