Workforce development strategy

Our workforce development strategy Capable, Confident, Skilled is for people working, supporting and caring in adult social work.

It focuses on workforce commissioning, planning and development to enable organisations to meet the new vision and priorities in adult social care.

The strategy looks at the context and drivers for a changing workforce, and the assets and skills needed in the sector.

It also focuses on supporting self-direction and dignity, independence and choice to enable people to stay healthy and actively involved in their communities, as well as having maximum control over the services they use. 

Action plan

We’ve developed an action plan to support the strategy that details the work being done by us and other partners.

It provides details of what actions are going to be taken, lists which partners are involved and gives timescales for completion dates.

Recruitment and retention

We’ve also been involved in developing a recruitment and retention strategy for adult social care that provides an overview of what has been achieved and ambitions for the future.

The strategy has three main priorities:

  • to raise the profile of adult social care and the career progression opportunities it offers to help attract more people with the right values and skills
  • to encourage and enable better recruitment practices
  • to address the issue of above average turnover rates that exist.

Our Finding and keeping workers online resource supports the implementation of the recruitment and retention strategy.