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Funding for personal health budget holders now open

If you receive a personal health budget (PHB) from the NHS to employ your own personal assistants (PAs), you can apply for funding from Skills for Care.

The funding can be used for care related training to help you as an employer or to develop the skills of your PAs. The funding cannot be used for any delegated health tasks that are included in your care plan – training for these essential tasks must be met by your local NHS organisation.

Find out more and apply now.

Previous employers used it to pay for training around:

  • first aid
  • moving and handling
  • health and safety
  • how to be a good employer
  • adult social care qualifications such as Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care
  • bespoke training to meet your needs.

It can cover the cost of training and qualifications, travel and the cost of hiring a replacement PA.

If you support PHB holders to employ PAs, help us promote the funding using this leaflet – you can also request printed copies.

 How can the funding make a difference?

Jean Riley supports her daughter, Augustina, who has complex health and care needs, to employ a team of PAs using a PHB.

To support the team to provide high quality care, Jean applied for Skills for Care’s PHB funding (on Augustina’s behalf) to pay for additional training. She says

“When funding became available from Skills for Care I jumped at the opportunity to further train and add to the personal development of our PAs.”

Jean received training on assessing the Care Certificate to ensure all Augustina’s PAs receive a proper induction. She also attended a course on Microsoft Excel which has been particularly useful. She says

“The excel course was an instant benefit as all my computer skills had been self taught, Once single click has saved us many hours of work – well worth every penny spent.”

The training has also really motivated the team. It has improved the skills and knowledge of the PAs.

“The training made the PAs think. It got them out of auto mode and gave them all different perspectives, ideas, tips and new thought processes.”

Augustina’s PAs also said they found the training useful. They said the training:

  • “Taught us how our actions affect the whole team and service.”
  • “Taught me to change my thinking if told I got something wrong – it made me think how I could improve instead of sulking.”
  • “Taught me how to work as a team member and that under performance affects the whole team.”

Jean has noticed the biggest improvement has been in their confidence which in turn has made a big different in how they support Augustina.

“They all now realise that working as a team and supporting each other makes the job easier. The standard of care has gone up and this is something I constantly work on to achieve.”

Don’t miss out – apply now.