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Meet our steering group member – Hillary Delaney Hall


Each month we’ve introduced members of our expert steering group, who help us to develop new resources and support for individual employers, PAs and organisations who support them.

The group includes colleagues who support individuals who employ their own PAs through a direct payment, personal health budget or with their own money.  

We have 18 engaged experts from a range of backgrounds, who meet every quarter to ensure our work is both relevant and fit for purpose.

Keep up with the conversation using #PAframework or join our ‘Supporting organisations’ group on Twitter*.

This month we’d like to introduce steering group member, Hillary Delaney Hall.

With over 30 years of experience, Hillary’s professional background is in health and social care, working for the NHS in learning disability services and then running her own residential, domiciliary care and telecare organisations. She works for Surrey Independent Council (SILC) supporting individual employers and PAs – this a voluntary organisation that’s led and run by disabled people.

She’s involved in a range of services that supports people to live independently whether they receive support from the council, NHS or fund their own care. This includes support with:

  • budgets and financial management
  • recruiting and managing care workers and PAs
  • training and support
  • community engagement and peer support
  • staying safe and independent at home.

Hillary brings a lot of first-hand experience to the steering group – she works with individuals on a day to day basis and has a real insight into the challenges that they face.

“I hold regular peer meetings with individual employers and PAs where I learn of their concerns and problems, and I am able to feed these back at the steering group for discussion.”

She also has lots of practical experience and knowledge to support the development of new resources.

“I have the knowledge and experience of working with individual employers who employ one PA through to those who employ six+ PA’s. With SILC I have developed a range of 'fast facts' to support individual employers through recruitment and retention.

I have experience of human resources and work with other key partners to ensure that the unique requirements of individual employers and PAs are not forgotten.

I’ve also been involved in developing and providing training materials and courses specifically for individual employers and PAs.”

Hillary uses these networks to share Skills for Care resources and test them with individual employers.

“I utilise the resources provided by Skills for Care and am able to feed back to the group the usefulness of these materials.”

For example she works with Surrey County Council to deliver free training for PAs. Whilst the training is free there is no funding for backfill or travel costs. They therefore encourage individual employers to apply for funding from Skills for Care to cover these.  

Georgina Turner, Head of Employer Engagement at Skills for Care, said:

“Hillary is a great colleague to have on the steering group. She has practical and first-hand experience in supporting individual employers with some of the key challenges they face – recruiting and training their PAs. She knows what works and what doesn’t which really helps us develop practical guidance for employers that’s actually useful.”

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You can also visit our Information hub for individual employers and PAs to download useful resources, including the Employing personal assistants toolkit.