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We’re continuing to develop a series of webinars in a range of topics to support individual employers, personal assistants and organisations supporting them during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The webinars are delivered live to a small number of participants and recorded for further viewing which you can watch below.


Delegating healthcare tasks to your PA

Download the webinar slides | Webinar resource list | Delegating healthcare tasks to your PA - QA


Staying safe online

Skills for Care in partnership with West Midlands Police outline practical steps you can take as an employer to keep safe online, including cyber security, keeping personal information safe and staying safe on social media.


Planning, keeping safe, and being prepared 

Making sure that you have the right number of people with the right attitudes, skills, values and knowledge to support you at the right time is important, even more now than ever before. This is an essential part of ‘workforce planning’.

We have worked with employers of all sizes to develop useful tools to support ‘workforce planning’ and this webinar will highlight them, introduce the analyse – plan – do – review model and bring to life how people employing PAs can apply them.

Delegates will hear about the benefits of ‘workforce planning’, understanding, assessing and managing risk and the importance of having a solutions-focussed contingency plan.

Download the webinar resource list  | Download the webinar slides  | Q&As


Preparation for better conversations for Personal Assistants and Individual Employers

During these adverse times, conversations really do matter more than ever.

This webinar will explore the principles of effective conversations and some of the ways you can begin to structure and plan and be confident in conversation. We will look at the benefits of communicating in a meaningful way for both personal assistants and individual employers. This will include contributions from personal assistants and individual employers. With practical tips and guidance we will provide a step by step approach towards improving clarity and understanding successful communication and the art of listening.

Download the webinar resource list  | Download the webinar slides 


Understanding your responsibilities as an employer of personal assistants (PAs)

We have developed this webinar to support individual employers understand what it means to be an employer, what it involves, their responsibilities. We will also be sharing information about resources that can be accessed, examples of good practice and a Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Download the webinar resource list  | Download the webinar slides  |  Q&As

Wellbeing for individual employers and those supporting them 


It’s never been more important to recognise your own emotional and support needs and how to maintain your own wellbeing in these difficult times.

This webinar will share experiences from individual employers, include practical support and places where you can find help. It is aimed at individual employers and personal assistants but may also be of interest to local organisations who provide support to people employing PAs (user-led organisations, direct payment support, local authorities, and CCGs).

Download the webinar resource list  | Download the webinar slides


Learning and development webinar for individual employers and PAs


This webinar highlights the benefits of learning and development, how to access funded training via local organisations, as well as how to ask for a grant to pay for training and qualifications (individual employer funding).

Download the webinar resource list  


Recruiting personal assistants during a pandemic

Highlighting practical steps you can take as an employer to attract and recruit workers during COVID-19. Sharing local examples and innovative ways people have attracted personal assistants (PAs) in these challenging times, as well as sharing current best practice, tools and resources that can help you recruit and retain good quality PAs. 

Download the webinar resource list