Skills for Care



There are three key areas of learning:

  1. A volunteer programme
    Aimed at individuals who wish to volunteer.

  2. ‘Rapid induction’ programme
    Aimed at getting new entrants rapidly inducted. Includes staff that may have worked in ancillary roles (for example office or housekeeping staff) and have now been redeployed into a new care role. This programme consists of the knowledge elements within the Care Certificate, assisting moving and handling, basic life support, food safety, fire safety, health and safety, infection prevention and control, safeguarding adults, and medication management. All new starters will be required to undertake all elements of learning.

  3. Refresher training
    In addition to this the above topics (all except the Care Certificate) are available as ‘refresher training’ for existing staff. This refresher training is aimed at staff whose current certification has expired and/or is due to expire and they urgently need to complete the refresher training in order to work safely. An existing staff member can take individual topic areas and/or complete multiple areas of learning.

It’s necessary to be an adult social care employer operating in England and to have an Adult Social Care Workforce Data Set (ASC-WDS) account to access the funded training. If you don’t have an account you'll need to register for one and will be required to:

  • create an account
  • add your workplace details – if you are CQC regulated you can enter your location ID or postcode and confirm the details are correct
  • add a user to the account
  • the account will be reviewed and approved by Skills for Care’s support team
  • log in to your account and enter your total number of staff
  • provide your ASC-WDS workplace ID number to the endorsed provider.

Individual employers won’t have an ASC-WDS account so the above points do not apply to you.

No you don’t, as long as you ensure that your staff fully complete the training within the timescale agreed with the learning provider. Learning providers may put an agreement in place with you which requires payment if your staff do not complete the training within an agreed timescale. Agreements of this nature are between the endorsed provider and you as the employer and Skills for Care has no involvement in such agreements.

Please be aware that there is a limit as to the number of volunteer and refresher training courses that can be funded for each employer. Any training courses completed above this limit will be chargeable and this will be agreed between you and the learning provider.

Please contact your local Skills for Care team about your specific circumstances.

PAs can access this through their individual employer. The individual employer should contact one of the endorsed training providers. See more information for PAs and Individual employers.

Individuals and social care employers can approach endorsed providers for the volunteer programme.

Unfortunately, social care employers can’t access funding for this from the WDF. The training can only be accessed through one of the 11 endorsed providers when funding is awarded by Skills for Care.

Only social care employers can approach endorsed providers to access this training.

The volunteer programme takes up to half a day. The newly recruited or staff returning to the sector training takes approximately five days, including the workplace induction which is completed by the employer. The time requirements may vary depending on the needs of the learner. Social care employers should choose what works best for them from the list of 11 endorsed providers, once advertised.

The endorsed learning providers are offering a blend of learning solutions. This will include videos, eLearning, streaming live learning, as well as other methods. In addtion to this, endorsed providers will offer wrap around support to answer any questions or concerns.

It is important that you find an endorsed provider that suits your needs. Skills for Care suggests that you speak with a few providers to make this decision.