Mar 17

ASYE moderator workshop Birmingham


BVSC Birmingham
Wednesday 22 March 2017

This event is now fully booked.

Skills for Care are holding three workshops for ASYE moderators involved in reviewing and moderating the work of NQSWs. These are relevant for assessors/ reviewers involved in ASYE internal and external moderation and also ideal for those chairing or leading these processes. The workshops will include some new material from the moderator development workshops previously delivered; there will be information on the range of moderation models emerging, with some input from employers. They will also give delegates the opportunity to undertake exercises in moderation with evidence drawn from the October ASYE national moderation panel and there will also be some discussion/input regarding developing ASYE assessors and setting standards.

Each workshop will focus on:

1. Developing and practising skills in moderation

2. Improving the consistency of assessment decisions through developing assessors

3. Sharing good practice examples of moderation processes. 

The events are for those responsible for leading ASYE within their organisations and for registered social workers who review and moderate ASYE evidence as part of an internal moderation process or ASYE partnership or external moderation process. The workshops will include:

- clarifying the purpose of moderation within the Chief Social Worker’s Knowledge and Skills Statement;
- developing and practising skills in moderation through live moderation exercises 
- sharing good practice examples of internal moderation within organisations including how to maximise learning from the moderation process to deliver excellent social work practice
- how to promote consistency in ASYE assessment decisions through supporting the development of ASYE assessors and supervisors within a standards' framework.

This event is now fully booked.