National data opt-out

two people looking at a computer screenFact finding workshops

Following an independent review of data security, a national data
opt-out will be introduced to give individuals more control and choice over the use of their data.

A team has been set up to help implement it across social care and health and they’re running two fact finding workshops to get care provider’s feedback. 

The model proposed is a single opt-out – where an individual could opt-out of data being used for purposes other than their individual care once (online or in person) and it would be applied across the whole of the health and social care system. 

The types of data sharing that individuals could opt-out from would include:

  • planning and commissioning of services
  • service evaluation and monitoring service delivery
  • research to develop new services or care services.

It is also recognised that there would need to be some circumstances when the opt-out should not apply.

We need to develop a better understanding

The national data opt-out team is wanting to better understand:

  • what data is used in the adult care sector, how it is shared and who with? (to understand whether there are many “in-scope” data flows where the opt-out would need to be applied)
  • what are the challenges or barriers to the introduction of the opt-out in social care?
  • how implementation might be best approached across the sector e.g. what might be a realistic lead time, is there other related work it could helpfully be aligned with? (recognising the size and diversity of social care providers across England)
  • what mechanisms would work for raising awareness and communicating with social care providers about the opt-out?

Your input is crucial

Social care providers are invited to take part in the following workshops to support this planning work. Your input is vital to ensure the planning is both realistic and reflects the specific needs and challenges of the social care provider sector.  Lunch/refreshments will be provided. 

  • Monday 20 November, Leeds city centre, 12:00 - 16:30
  • Tuesday 21 November, London city centre, 12:00 - 16:30

Further information will be provided on the day along with the opportunity to ask any questions about what is being proposed. NHS Digital can reimburse travel costs.  

How to book

Please use this opportunity to ensure that the voice of social care providers is heard at an early stage in planning. If you’d like to attend please email stating your

  • name
  • role within your organisation
  • organisation’s name and whether it’s a small (less than 50 employees), medium (51 -100 employees) or large employer (over 101 employees).