The Social Care Commitment

The Social Care Commitment is closing on Friday 11 May 2018.

In July 2017 we let you know that unfortunately, due to a decrease in sign ups and renewals, we had taken the difficult decision with the Department of Health to stop any further investment in the Social Care Commitment (TSCC). We notified everyone registered on the system that from that point onwards no new employers would be able to sign up and we wouldn’t be developing any new products or services.

We are now beginning the phased closure of the site which we anticipate will be completed by Friday 11 May 2018.

If you are signed up to the Social Care Commitment you can still download your action plan and certificate from the system until it closes. If you have any questions about your TSCC account please contact us by calling 0113 241 1275 or email

We’d like to thank you for supporting the Social Care Commitment and dedicating your time and effort into promising to provide people who need care and support with high quality services, and in turn, helping to increase public confidence in social care.