Workforce commissioning

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The ever-changing nature of adult social care means that commissioning personalised, preventative and quality care and support services can be a challenging process.

The pressure to find greater efficiencies and improve productivity is driving councils to look for different ways to deliver better outcomes for local people.

Our workforce commissioning resources provide you with a clear and simple set of interlinked tools, tried and tested with workforce leads over a number of years.

Workforce commissioning is about how an organisation analyses, plans, implements and reviews its workforce requirements, ensuring that workforce development decisions are in line with financial planning and service planning. The workforce is the primary driver of both social care quality and costs. 

Workforce shaping and commissioning for better outcomes can help you to think about the key steps and processes needed to commission the right workforce. You can use it for any workforce transformation, from short term redesigning of a single service to developing long term integrated services across an area.

Our workforce outcomes measurement model is a simple model to help you identify workforce outcomes and how they can be linked to person centred outcomes. 


Workforce capacity planning helps you to work out if you have the right mix and numbers of workers with the right skills and knowledge to implement care and support reform.

The principles of workforce capacity planning are applicable across all services undergoing change.

For the most up to date capacity planning tools, including the workforce capacity planning model, visit the dedicated workforce capacity planning page.


Workforce market shaping sits alongside market shaping. People are the key part of any adult social care organisation’s commissioning plan. To have the right people, with the right skills and knowledge working in the right places, your organisation needs to know how to shape your local workforce (labour) market.

We can support you with developing your workforce commissioning.  We’re working with organisations to explore workforce market shaping, using local workforce data, to demonstrate how commissioners can influence and make changes to their local workforce market and  how that impacts on care and support.

This piece of work will provide a greater understanding of what workforce market shaping is along with a simple, practical tested resource on how it can be practiced and implemented.

For more information on how your organisation can get involved contact Jim Thomas at

Our effective deployment resource provides information and resources to help you provide effective commissioning and deployment of social workers.  

It will help you to plan your social workers to provide personalised care which is a key requirement of the Care Act. 

We have developed a Level 5 Qualification in Principles for Commissioning for Wellbeing.

The qualifcation introduces new commissioners to the principles of commissioning person centred care services that promote wellbeing, as well as enabling more experienced commissioners to review and update their knowledge.

Find out more about the commissioning for wellbeing qualification.