Delegated healthcare tasks

We’ve produced two short guides which are aimed primarily at adult social care employers, managers and care workers working in care homes and may be useful to those working in other social care settings. They’ve been developed to support decision making, provide information and guidance, including an understanding of roles and responsibilities to deliver delegated healthcare tasks safely and competently. 

Social care workers may be asked to carry out healthcare tasks that are delegated by a registered healthcare professional such as a registered nurse, nursing associate or occupational therapist. These are usually called ‘delegated healthcare tasks’ and are often specific clinical interventions that support people’s care and independence.

The guides do not explain how to carry out the tasks. Each delegated task requires specific information and guidance relating to the person, their needs and the type of task.

Thinks to consider beforehand

  • Does your local authority, healthcare system and GP practices support social care workers carrying out delegated healthcare tasks? Where can you get further information and guidance?
  • Is the delegated healthcare task in the best interest of the person and/or their representative? Have they been involved in decision making and do you have their agreement?
  • Does your employer support social care workers to carry out healthcare tasks including sufficient insurance and indemnity arrangements? It is the employer’s responsibility to only agree to tasks that can be delivered safely and competently with sufficient training and supervision.
  • Have you carried out the necessary risk management and assessments? How have you made the decision to do the task safely and competently and who you have involved?
  • Is there appropriate, accessible and sufficient training and support available? Some knowledge training may be delivered virtually or online.
  • Have you, the person and/or their representative and the care worker had the opportunity to ask questions? 
  • Do you have enough trained and competent staff including contingency arrangements to deliver delegated tasks consistently?
  • Who can you speak to if you feel that the task should not be delegated?
  • How will you ensure the support and supervision of care workers who carry out delegated healthcare tasks?

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