Workforce capacity planning

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Workforce capacity planning helps you to work out if you have the right mix and numbers of workers with the right skills and knowledge to implement care and support reform.

The principles of workforce capacity planning are applicable across all services undergoing change.

How ready are you?

To get started take a look at our workforce readiness tool. This will help you reflect upon your current workforce.

The workforce readiness tool

Answer the questions in the tool and you will receive an individual ‘readiness report’ by email. It includes an assessment of the level of preparedness indicated by your answers and provides links to specific resources. It is designed to be used more than once depending on the workforce issues you want to explore.

The questions in the tool can be used as a group discussion tool, as part of meetings or at workforce development events.

Thinking through the issues

If you want some support to help you think through the issues of implementing change, take a look at our workforce capacity planning model. This will help you start a discussion and guide your thinking, using the different areas to prompt you.

Workforce capacity planning model

Making the changes

As organisations have used the workforce capacity planning resources we asked them to share their examples with us.

Thurrock Council has allowed us to share a copy of their workforce capacity plan to help others develop theirs.