Effective deployment

Commissioning and planning for social workers

We have developed this resource to inform the effective commissioning and deployment of social workers.  

Effective deployment: Commissioning and planning for social workers reflects the importance of the social work workforce in meeting the requirements of the Care Act.

A revised edition of the Care Act was published on 10 March 2016 and supersedes the version issued in October 2014. It takes account of regulatory changes, feedback from stakeholders and the care sector, and developments following the postponement of social care funding reforms to 2020.

It provides an interactive library of information and resources to support the decision making of directors of adult services, commissioners and workforce development professionals.

It is one of a number of resources that we developed with sector partners to support the implementation of the Care Act which link to the workforce capacity planning and support model.  

This resource focuses on learning from others and sharing best practice, working with risk, demand for social workers, the impact of your social workers, making the most of your workforce, practice leadership and social work and the Care Act.

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The impact of social workers on service delivery, care and support outcomes in adult services.


Different approaches to learning and sharing best practice in social work organisations.


Making the most of your current and future social work workforce.


The role of social work in the context of the Care Act.


Social work leadership at strategic and frontline level.


Factors influencing the demand for social workers in adult services.

Work with risk

Embedding personalised risk management in social work organisations.