How others develop managers

Next generation of leadersCreating more formal development programmes for those aspiring to be new managers and deputies is a great way of building their confidence and abilities. 

A development programme can help your new managers and deputies understand the responsibilities of being a manager, the breadth of the role and the influence they will have in the position.

A well-structured and relevant leadership programme can transform someone’s development. A good leadership programme will:

  • have clear and relevant learning outcomes
  • include a focus on interaction with other learners
  • support and encourage reflection
  • grow someone’s skills and confidence, not just their knowledge
  • provide a certificate of completion.

The first signs of a good development programme are likely to be increased confidence, more independent working and decision-making, etc.  As their skills increase, your managers will have the confidence to delegate more.

Being part of a development programme has given me a clearer and greater understanding of what a good effective team needs and means to an organisation.


“It has reconfirmed to me the link that continuous learning and personal development has with best practice, organisational development and growth. I remain open and embrace continuous learning.  I continue to take accountability for my actions, lead by example with fairness, transparency and openness and support staff members to feel included, respected and well supported.

Aspiring Manager, part of Skills for Care’s Aspiring Manager pilot

Across adult social care providers there are a wide range of development programmes on offer to support those wanting to progress to new manager and deputy roles.

Below are examples of three services that have found their own ways to develop their existing talent.