How to develop future registered managers

Earlier development opportunities, learning programmes, qualifications and standards will have helped you to develop effective deputy managers and team leaders.  However, registered managers’ responsibilities are a further step-up and require additional support and development.

The registered manager role is varied and requires managers to complete a broad range of tasks. It also requires expertise in both business management and care provision.

Alongside day-to-day management, most registered managers are required to build, and maintain, relationships with external parties and with families and people who need care and support. They also need to lead services and manage budgets.

Individuals excelling in team leader, deputy manager or similar roles are well-placed to progress into a registered manager role.


We recommend that the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for Adult Care is used by employers to develop future registered managers. 

  • When to do it: prior to becoming a registered manager
  • What will you learn: Understanding effective practice in leadership and management
  • Why is it important?: Assessment methods will test knowledge and proven workplace abilities.


Our current registered manager has been internally developed.  In recent years they have been a deputy manager who had always shown significant leadership potential. 

“They’ve been highly involved in driving forward the improvement in our action plan and so when the opportunity arose earlier this year to become a new registered manager, we were keen to offer this opportunity. 

Whilst they didn’t have a formal role in relation to regulated services, we agreed to second them for 12 months into the registered manager role – something that the CQC formally accepted.  By providing this opportunity there’s a strong commitment by the new manager to grow, but also work with others to benefit the business.

We have supported the new manager to undertake her Level 5 Diploma and she’s being mentored by our Head of Care Services and actively involved in the local Registered Manager Network.  Whilst relatively new in post, the fact that she has many years of care experience has ensured she’s highly competent.

Jamie Anderson, Chief Executive, Age UK Wirral

It seems that some companies are hesitant to take on new managers, but Cascade is different.  They’ve really supported the development of new managers and I think this benefits the service by both bringing fresh eyes into the position but also experience from other roles.  It’s great to find an organisation that trusts you like my company does.

I initially signed up to a learning provider who offered the Level 5 Diploma but it was largely being delivered by eLearning and emails.  For me, this wasn’t the way I learn effectively so we swapped to a company that covered the Level 5 Diploma via a face to face workshop.  By choosing a learning style that was right for me, it has completely transformed the situation.

Marissa Brown, Registered Manager, Cascade Cohen House

It’s important that you have an employer that supports you to do qualifications and enables you to have time off to complete them. When undertaking my Level 5 Diploma, this has enabled me to travel to training workshops covering some of the modules of the qualification.

Zainab Saleem, Deputy Manager, The Care Company Plus