New registered manager's pilot

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As part of an exciting 12-month pilot that started in April 2018, we are working with groups of new registered managers across England. The pilot is a great opportunity for new managers to engage with peers and learn from best practice. Managers participating in the pilot will be supported to develop their confidence, knowledge and skills over 12 months.

Why is Skills for Care running this pilot?

The value of specific support for individuals new to roles, with a significant level of complexity and responsibility, is recognised across a number of sectors and professions. The pilot is testing a model of support for new registered managers based on a combination of Skills for Care’s resources and guidance; we see this model becoming part of the future offer to registered managers.

Oliver French, Project Manager at Skills for Care, gives more background to this work, and the reasons for it, in his blog here.

I would like to express my thanks to Skills for Care for the new manager's pilot pilot in the South West, in particular  to Lindsey Thomas and Oliver French for all of their hard work and dedication. I feel so supported and privileged to be part of this journey. Great work in pairing the mentees and mentors together and I’m looking forward to the webinar next week. So many positive opportunities ahead. 


Julie Lusk, Registered Manager 


Participants will join a local cohort of new registered managers and will: 

  • tackle issues, challenges and opportunities through joining an action learning set (a small group) or mentoring
  • have registered manager membership of Skills for Care bought for them, for two years, with access to exclusive resources, monthly newsletters and discounts on products and services 
  • attend three face-to-face events with other new managers and Skills for Care; tailored around their needs and interests
  • have access to a scheduled series of seven webinars on specific topics relevant to their role; participants must join a minimum of four webinars
  • have opportunities to develop their reflective practice
  • complete a gap analysis against the Manager Induction Standards (MIS) and produce a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

At the end of the pilot, participants will have received structured support, increased their knowledge and established a solid base for their continued professional development (CPD).

You can see an example of the more detailed outline of the pilot from our Eastern region here.

  • Norfolk (East England)
  • Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire (South West)*
  • Leyland (North West)
  • South East London (London & the South East)
  • Durham (Yorkshire, Humber & the North East)

If the pilot is not running in your area, please contact your Skills for Care locality manager to hear more about how we can support you or visit our dedicated pages for registered managers.

*area using mentoring, as opposed to action learning. 

As part of a competitive process we have recruited groups of managers who have been in post for 12 to 18 months or less. Places on this pilot have been offered at no cost. However, participants will be expected to commit to the full pilot and to take part in scheduled evaluation activity.

We're not currently accepting any further applications to this pilot.

I’m not taking part in the pilot, but I’m a registered manager and would like to get involved with Skills for Care.

We believe that it's important that every manager thinks about the support that they need and want. If you aren’t already familiar with registered manager membership or networks, these links are great places to start.

You can find out more about the new registered manager's pilot here.