New registered manager's pilot

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In 2018 we piloted a structured programme of support with groups of new registered managers. The pilot provided an opportunity for new managers to engage with peers and learn from best practice. Managers participating in the pilot were supported to develop their confidence, knowledge and skills over 12 months.

Why did we run this pilot?

The value of specific support for individuals, new to roles with a significant level of complexity and responsibility, is recognised across many professions and sectors.

Investing in managers represents an investment in their services, their staff and the quality of the care they provide. Evidence shows that the presence of an effective, well supported manager has the biggest impact on the overall quality of care provided.

The pilot tested a model of support for new registered managers based on a combination of our resources and guidance.

I would like to express my thanks to Skills for Care for the new manager's pilot pilot in the South West, in particular  to Lindsey Thomas and Oliver French for all of their hard work and dedication. I feel so supported and privileged to be part of this journey. Great work in pairing the mentees and mentors together and I’m looking forward to the webinar next week. So many positive opportunities ahead.


Julie Lusk, Registered Manager, Solar Care Homes


Participants joined a local cohort of new registered managers. They: 

  • tackled issues, challenges and opportunities through joining an action learning set (a small group) 
  • became registered manager membership of Skills for Care for two years, with access to exclusive resources, monthly newsletters and discounts on products and services 
  • attended three face-to-face events with other new managers and Skills for Care; tailored around their needs and interests
  • had access to a scheduled series of seven webinars on specific topics relevant to their role; participants joined a minimum of four webinars
  • had opportunities to develop their reflective practice
  • completed a gap analysis against the Manager Induction Standards (MIS) and produced a Personal Development Plan (PDP).

At the end of the pilot, participants received structured support, increased their knowledge and established a solid base for their continued professional development (CPD).

You can see an overview of the programme here.

The pilot definitely improved by confidence and it has made me think differently about being a leader, not just a manager.



Caroline Sawley, Registered Manager, Oakmount House   

To any employer with a new manager I would say give your registered manager the support they need. Give them regular supervision and give them guidance. Just because someone is a registered manager, it doesn’t mean they know it all; they still need help.



Julie Lusk, Registered Manager, Solar Care Homes

You can read Julie’s blog here.

We’re in the process of evaluating this pilot and will use our findings to update our advice, resources and guidance on supporting new registered managers.

You can find our recommendations on developing and supporting new managers here

You can find full details of our support for registered managers, as well as our role as the membership organisation for registered managers in England, here.