Digital transformation in social care

Three different care businesses have all embarked on a journey to invest in technology – in very different ways – and we want to share these journeys with you.

WCS Care

WCS Care run 13 residential and dementia care homes across Warwickshire. They’ve been recognised for their use of technology, innovation and creativity to help make every day well lived for their residents. In this video they tell us about the transformation taking place in their organisation and the impact on their staff and residents.

By using technology we discovered that we had 15 people awake in the care home at night which we didn't know before. And very quickly we formed a "Wide awake club" and we were able to work with those 15 people whilst everyone else slept soundly. Over the course of 12 months - those 15 people reduced down to 3.

Cera Care

Cera is a homecare provider, launched in November 2016, that uses digital and artificial intelligence to transform the services it delivers. They have provided hundreds of thousands of care hours with a 99% satisfaction rating. Cera has received a number of awards including the Most Outstanding Digital Health Innovation 2017, the LaingBuisson Dementia Care Award, the Best London Home Care Company at the Social Care Awards. 

It is a challenging time for social care with constrained budgets and greater demand for services. But that means we can't do more of the same. We have to do more with less and we have to change. And that requires innovation and technology. 



Marches Care

Marches Care Ltd was established over 30 years ago by the family of Mandy Thorn MBE and the Uplands, their care home managed by Carey Bloomer, has been commended for end of life care, nursing and specialist dementia care.  Following the relocation to a purpose built setting Marches Care have enhanced their care provision through the introduction of technology supporting both staff and residents.    

We managed the transition from paper based to digital slowly. My biggest piece of advice is do not try and do this overnight. Don’t throw it at people – and say there you go. Do it slowly - little games, little victories and then go for it whole heartedly. We had a 6 month lead into it. Don’t expect people just to run with it.  


All of the advice from the employers involved in these videos has been consolidated into a guide.