Getting your organisation digital ready

Digital technology has the power to transform services and provides adult social care with huge opportunity. Technology also offers opportunities to help people maintain independence and improve outcomes using assisted living technology. Access these useful resources to find out how you can be more 'digital ready'.

Benefits of being digital ready:

Technology can give people more control over their health, safety and wellbeing, offer support to be more independent/feel less isolated, connect individuals to services, enhance the care or treatment providers offer, help communication with families, professionals and staff, help staff to prioritise and focus their attention on people who need it most and  sharing good practice with peers. 

Barclays Digital Eagles 

We're working in partnership with Barclays to provide digital support and training to the adult social care sector. 

Barclays Digital Eagles provide online direct support and training to staff including accessing healthcare appointments online, keeping residents connected to friends and family and accessing entertainment/hobbies online. Tailor e-learning and virtual learning sessions to meet the requirements of your care organisation are also available. 

The Digital Eagles team run daily virtual events in the following topic areas

Cyber Security PROTECT your today and their tomorrow CLAIRTY is being on top of your finances  GET SET for your big day 
Digital Eagles Guide to Cybersecurity Digital Eagles Guide to Zoom – For Parents Digital Eagles Guide to Zoom – For Teachers/Trainers Frauds and Scams
BOLD is being ready to buy your first home Digital Eagles Guide to helping protect your child’s online reputation A guide to the Barclays App PREPARED is being ready for the unexpected


Barclays e-learning ‘Digital Wings’

Available to all adult social care organisations offering bite-sized learning in 'staying safe online', 'socialising on social media' and 'making your business digital'.


Get started - Sign up

You can sign up and find out more information by visiting the Digital Wings website or search ‘Barclays Digital Wings’ on the App Store/Play Store.

 ⇨ Sign up to Barclays Digital Wings

PLEASE NOTE: Use the code SKIFCAR when you and your staff are sign up to Barclays Digital Wings.


A guide to WhatsAppwhatsap1

We understand that organisations are evolving with new ways of working. This may be the first time you and/or your organisation has started to use WhatsApp to communicate and share information.

⇨ Download the guidance 'A guide to WhatsApp'