Roles and responsibilities

It’s important that you have confident and capable directors, registered managers, nominated individuals and others in governance roles who ensure your service meets the required standards.

Registered managers

In Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated services, the registered manager is legally responsible and accountable for meeting the CQC’s ‘Fundamental standards for quality and safety’. So they need the right values, skills, qualifications and experience to do their role well.

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Nominated individuals

Most regulated providers have a nominated individual (sometimes called a responsible individual) who represents them with the CQC. This could be the same person as the registered manager or someone different. It’s important that they have the right values, skills and knowledge to do their role.

Whether you combine the nominated individual role with other duties or focus entirely on this responsibility, our practical guidelines can help.

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Governance has been identified as an increasingly important area for well-led services to get right. Without good governance and related systems, many care services wouldn’t be able to effectively continue to deliver high standards of care.

Our ‘Good and outstanding care guide’ has a section dedicated to governance with recommendations from good and outstanding providers, practical examples and tips on what to avoid.

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