Building resilience

Resilience is the ability to cope under pressure – a person who copes well under pressure is resilient.

It’s important to support your staff become resilient to ensure they can continue to deliver high quality care. 

Building their resilience will help them cope better under pressure and protect them from mental and physical ill health.

It can also ensure you deliver a high quality service - the daily stress of care work can contribute to errors, misjudgements, low morale and sickness absence.

Our ‘Greater resilience, better care’ guide helps managers look at the stress levels and wellbeing of their staff, and gives practical ideas about how they can improve things.

Download 'Greater resilience, better care'

You can also download our ‘Building your own resilience, health and wellbeing’ guide to share with your staff. It will help them to understand what resilience is, why it matters and how they can develop their own resilience.

Download 'Building your own resilience, health and wellbeing’

You can request paper copies of these guides by emailing us

Supporting the wellbeing of registered managers

The health and wellbeing of registered managers is important to ensure they continue to deliver well-led services.

Our ‘Wellbeing for registered managers: a practical survival guide’ gives you top tips, best practice and exercises to grow your own wellbeing. You could also use the guide to think about the wellbeing of your workforce.

If you’re a registered manager member of Skills for Care, you can buy your copy of the guide from our online bookshop.

If you’re not a member you can join for £35 per year and get access to exclusive resources, best practice, discounts and other support. Find out more and join here.


Mindfulness and resilience

It can be easy to go through life, at home and work, without taking much notice.

Paying more attention to the present, how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking can positively change the way you see yourself and your life. This can improve your mental wellbeing.

This awareness is called ‘mindfulness’.

It can help you notice the signs of stress and anxiety earlier and deal with challenges more productively.

Access E-learning for Healthcare’s ‘Introduction to mindfulness’ learning programme to find out more about mindfulness and how it can help you. It’s free to access and you don’t need to register. Start the learning here.

Other resources to help you

There are lots of resources to help you build your own resilience and the resilience of your staff. The Mental Health Foundation has resources to support your mental health, especially around mindfulness.