Advice line


We can help you to navigate to the latest COVID-19 guidance and advice in response to the pandemic, enabling you to support your service with the latest information from Government and other adult social care organisations. 

  • We can also advise you about our own resources, funding, online learning and other opportunities to recruit, develop and lead staff at this time.
  • Our national and local teams are working together to help you to learn about the latest resources and good practice.
  • Where needed, our national team will connect you with a local expert in your area to provide further support, advice and consider what this means for your service.
  • We can also help you to connect with other services to share ideas, resources and learn how others address challenges.



Download our updated list of FAQs.

We'll be updating this document as more FAQs come in. 


Our advice line is open between 9.00 - 17.00 Monday to Friday.
☏: 0113 241 1260 | ✉:

Who can contact the advice line?

The advice line is open to all COVID-19 related questions from registered managers, service managers, deputy managers and nominated individuals to support your organisation in this unprecedented time. For enquiries from other roles, please contact our Information team.

Our team has expertise in:

Capturing your feedback

We'll be using your feedback from the advice line to help us identify what other assistance and support might be needed in response to COVID-19 so that our offer can continue to evolve. We're also keen to learn of good practice and positive stories about how you're responding to the pandemic, so please contact us if you wish to share more.