External quality assurance service


The end point assessment of apprenticeships must be externally quality assured by an outside organisation chosen by the employers who wrote the apprenticeship. This is to ensure all the tests and results are valid, accurate and reliable across all end point assessment organisations (EPAOs).  

For adult social care end point assessment, Skills for Care has been asked by employer-driven Care Apprenticeship Board to manage the quality assurance process - as an employer-led solution to external quality assurance.  

We’re implementing a quality model for the process that involves a number of elements to ensure an evidence-based approach is taken. 

We will be checking the following key criteria:

  • Quality and consistency of assessment instruments.
  • Capability of assessors and internal quality assurance teams.
  • Effectiveness of internal quality assurance.
  • Management of information including reporting to stakeholders, employers, end-point assessment organisations, training providers and the Institute for Apprenticeships as required.

What employers need to know 

  •  Each new apprenticeship assessment plan has to set out how the external quality assurance process will work. This is a requirement of the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA) who have to sign off the chosen arrangement. Currently, we are awaiting formal approval from the IfA. Our current working title is Adult Care Apprenticeships External Quality Assurance Service (ACEQUAS).
  • External quality assurance is carried out on the end point assessment organisations to ensure consistency and quality for all apprentices and their employers.
  • Skill for Care will charge £40 (+ VAT if applicable) per apprentice entering end-point assessment. This charge is to cover our costs and is a non-profit making exercise. Once numbers rise significantly and we're breaking even, we'll look to hopefully reduce the cost.
  • The cost is payable by the end-point assessment organisation and can be included in their price to employers.

We're currently awaiting formal sign-off by the IfA but we are making contact with the end point assessment organisations to set up the arrangements. In the meantime if you have any questions please email us at acequas@skillsforcare.org.uk