Recruiting an apprentice

Apprenticeships have lots of benefits

  • They are a cost effective and low risk way for you to grow your workforce.
  • You can create and manage tailored apprenticeships to meet the needs of your business.
  • They improve the recruitment and retention of staff by developing a more motivated and satisfied workforce.
  • For apprentices, it gives them a chance to gain full competency in their chosen occupation on a nationally recognised programme and earn a wage.

Take a look at our meet the apprentices series which shows real apprentices talking about their apprenticeship in adult care and how it has benefitted them as well as those they care for.   

Steps to recruiting an apprentice

  1. Choose an apprenticeship in your industry at a suitable level.
  2. Check what funding is available.
  3. Find an organisation that offers training for the apprenticeship you’ve chosen.
  4. Advertise your apprenticeship - your training organisation may do this for you through the find an apprenticeship service.
  5. Select your apprentice and make an apprenticeship agreement and commitment statement with them.

Access further Government advice and rules on employing an apprentice.

Existing staff can also access apprenticeships as part of their career progression, follow steps one, two, three and five above. Check that they are eligible.

Removing barriers to recruiting younger workers

Age isn't an issue when recruiting workers with the right values, who are really motivated to develop long term careers in our sector. School or college leavers can be employed in adult social care with the same levels of support that employers provide for any employee. Anyone over the age of 16 can be an apprentice and usually recruiting younger workers makes you more eiligible for certain apprenticeship funding. Our Guidance on employing workers aged 16 to 18 can help you with recruiting young people.

For more help with general recruitment and retention visit Finding and keeping workers

Online forum for apprenticeship employers

We've set up an online forum on Facebook for adult social care apprenticeship employers to talk all things apprenticeships with each other. If you're already signed up to Facebook follow this link and request to join.

Facebook is completely free and the group has been set to ‘private’ so only approved members will be able to see the content / posts.