Phemagrace Ltd

Since the start of PhemaGrace 11 years ago, we have been dedicated to providing training in the Adult social care sector. The core of our business has always been to provide training and development in adult social care. To date we have trained over 1500 learners in Adult social care we have worked with many employers, employees or private learners who just want to develop their career in the sector. We have seen first hand how training in adult social care has change over the years and we have been a pioneer of those changes. We are on a mission to provide quality training to each individual equipping them to be effective workers in the healthcare sector. We are also working with employers in training and the development of their staff to have a better equip workforce which in turn aid them to provide quality person centred and safe care. Our mission is to continue with the support of Skills for Care to be a leading provider in Adult Social Care learning and development.

This provider offers courses in: Workforce Development Fund (WDF) qualifications

Region: West Midlands

Level of endorsement: Endorsed

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Telephone: 0121 448 5380