Meet the innovators

In 2017-18, the Workforce Development Innovation Fund supported ten social care projects across England.

The innovation fund is for care providers who are developing new ideas, testing and improving new ideas and bringing existing innovations to new audiences. 

The innovation spectrum is a really helpful model that can help you to understand where innovation can happen. Case studies of previous innovation projects are available to read on the Learn from Others website. 

In 2017/18 the priorities were:

  1. Improving the supply of potential talent to the adult social care sector by attracting, recruiting and retaining entrants from different groups.
  2. Taking new approaches to developing the skills adult social care workers need to support hospital discharge or prevent unnecessary admission.
  3. Developing a mentally healthy workplace to ensure the wellbeing of care staff.
  4. Developing the skills and knowledge of the workforce in information sharing and cyber security to embed digital working.

Each of the ten organisations was successful in demonstrating through the application process how their innovative project met a priority. 

We’re delighted to showcase the work of our 2017 innovators, details of the projects are below. 

Click on each of the projects to find out more.