On-going learning and development


Figuring out when workers should refresh their knowledge and skills can be a challenge. This is why at Skills for Care, we have produced a new guide to support employers consider when their workforce should (or must) refresh their learning and how this could be effectively achieved.


Our on-going learning and development in adult social care guide includes:

  • How effective learning and development can lead to a knowledgeable and skilled workforce
  • A list of the recommended minimum learning and development areas in which adult care workers should be competent
  • When and how learning should be refreshed
  • Statutory requirements regarding worker training and competence
  • How to support both care and non-care workers’ learning and development.

We have also put together a Frequently Asked Questions sheet to help you with quick questions about ongoing learning and development. 



Why is on-going learning and development important?

Providing workers with opportunities to refresh their knowledge and skills enables them to: 

  • remain up to date with the latest legislation and best practice
  • feel valued and invested in and
  • deliver quality care to those receiving services

It also supports organisations to: