Case studies

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See how others have implemented the ASYE 

We are working with a group of employers to identify case studies, to support you in delivering the ASYE for child and family social workers.

If you have a case study or information to share with us, please email

You can also pass on your ideas at the local social work meetings.


Essex County Council 

Find out how Essex County Council have integrated the Knowledge and skills for child and family social work, the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) and the HCPC Standards of Proficiency in assessment of the ASYE in a safeguarding context.

It explains how they helped the NQSW to understand what is expected for them during the ASYE and which skills they will need to demonstrate.

This case study will be helpful if you are concerned that the employment context of the ASYE won’t provide the direct evidence your NQSW will need to meet the Knowledge and skills for child and family social work.

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Plymouth Council Services for Children, Young People and Families 

Find out how Plymouth Council have used the ASYE to increase retention of their social workers. The case study shows how a package of CPD, that starts with the  ASYE is linked to a career framework. This can significantly improve the retention of social workers in child and family services.  It explains how their ASYE process meets the national requirements for learning and development activities, protected caseloads and supervision.

This case study will be helpful if you are looking for more information about how the ASYE can be embedded within your organisation

Cumbria County Council

Find out how Cumbria County Council has introduced an external moderation panel to ensure consistency and quality of ASYE pass/fail decisions.

It explains how this process has helped them to involve people in need of care and support in and strengthened their ASYE partnership arrangements across the statutory and private, voluntary and independent sectors.

This case study will be helpful if you at ways to improve the  decision making process for the ASYE final assessment

Essex County Council

Find out how Essex County Council's internal moderation panel checks the ASYE assessment decisions for between 100-200 NQSWs each year.

It explains how the internal moderation panel meets approximately once a month and is made up of a range of experienced senior practitioners, team managers and service managers across all service areas. The case study shows that by having a flexible membership it can make the process less onerous for each individual.

This case study will be help for those who employ NQSWs completing the ASYE across adult and child and family services.  

This case study provides some ideas and direction for setting up a process for supporting NQSWs through action learning.

It considers the organisational and team challenges in the approach. There was a limited evaluation of the project which reports favourably on the benefits.