Qualification specifications

It’s useful for employers and learners to understand how qualifications work. This can help employers identify any gaps in learning and it’s a way for learners to check their career progression and what they could do next.

The specification for each qualification can be viewed by clicking on the links below:

Approved qualifications

Approved qualifications have been developed in line with our specifications and checked for consistency.

Find approved qualifications.

Information for awarding organisations

We're pleased to be working in collaboration with awarding organisations to develop new qualifications needed in the care sector that are high quality, consistent and well understood. We have developed a process of approval for RQF qualifications against specifications developed by us in consultation with employers and other stakeholders in adult social care. You can read the full the process for approval here.

If an awarding organisation requires clarification regarding specification criteria; would like to discuss the details and how they apply to their qualification development; or feels that a specification does not allow them to be responsive to sector feedback effectively, please contact us.

Assessment Principles

Assessment principles aim to create a consistent approach to the assessment of qualifications in the sector and support awarding organisations’ quality assurance processes.

Skills for Care and Skills for Health, have agreed a set of joint assessment principles which can be used by Awarding Organisations offering the Level 2 Diploma in Care.

Skills for Care & Development have agreed a set of assessment principles for use in social care across the United Kingdom and Skills for Care will continue to use these principles for all other occupational competence qualifications in the sector.