Learning programme licences

Our learning programmes are exclusively available for endorsed providers to buy on licence and deliver. They've been developed to meet the needs of the sector and we're currently growing our suite of leadership and management learning programmes. 


  • Well-led
    The Well-led programme has been developed in partnership with registered managers familiar with the day-to-day challenges of leading a care team. Aimed at registered managers and other operational managers, it’s underpinned by models of leadership that can be practically applied to deliver change and promote best practice. Previously delivered by us, this programme will be available for endorsed providers to purchase on licence from October 2019. Learners completing the programme will be able to access up to £500 of funding from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF).

  • Three new continuing professional development (CPD) programmes

    Three CPD programmes for registered managers, focusing on Performance management, Managing-self and Culture, are currently in development and will be available to purchase on licence from October 2019. Each programme is expected to be one day in length. Learners completing the programme will be able to access up to £125 of funding from the WDF per programme.

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This popular programme has been developed to help aspiring leaders and managers develop their leadership and management potential. The programme will teach how successful behaviours and practical strategies can support leaders in their day to day work, as well as considering how they could implement these behaviours and strategies, now and in the future.

The programme has been designed to be delivered over five full-day workshops, with each workshop focusing on a different topic:

  • Successful behaviours for leaders and managers
  • Developing a positive culture
  • Effective supervision
  • Leading and managing the process of change
  • Leading and managing the inspection process

Who is the programme aimed at?

Primarily aspiring managers, but also new managers, aspiring managers and existing managers who want to refresh their knowledge of leading and managing in CQC-registered, or non-CQC-registered adult social care services.

The Lead to Succeed programme is designed around the Level 4 Certificate in Principles of Leadership and Management in Adult Care and Manager Induction Standards (Skills for Care, 2016).

The programmes is delivered by endorsed providers who hold a licence with us. Endorsed providers will be required to complete an application form to demonstrate they meet the requirements to deliver the programme.

Trainers will be provided with a digital pack organised by workshop title which contains presentation slides, module guides, activities and worksheets, action planning templates, resources and references document.

Cost: £2,000.00 +VAT.

To request an application form from endorsement@skillsforcare.org.uk


Employers will be able to claim up to £500 from our Workforce Development Fund (WDF) to complete the Lead to Succeed programme.

Find out more about the WDF.  

Providing good end of life care can be one of the most rewarding caring experiences any care worker can have. How they care for someone at end of life can remain with relatives and loved ones for a long time and there is only one chance to get this right.

This awareness programme has been designed to cover the main aims and principles of end of life care. It provides learners with ways to develop their understanding of the different views of death and dying in our society and how these views may affect an individual. It will also consider the range of support services available for themselves and the people they are supporting.

The real benefit to this programme is that it is linked to the National End of Life Core Skills Education and Training Framework and covers:

  • person-centred end of life care
  • communication in end of life care
  • equality, diversity and inclusion in end of life care
  • practical and emotional support for the individual approaching end of life
  • assessment and care planning in end of life care
  • symptom management in end of life care
  • working in partnership with health and care professionals and others
  • support for carers
  • how professionals can maintain their own health and wellbeing when caring for someone at the end of life
  • care after death
  • law, ethics and safeguarding
  • leading end of life care services and organisations
  • improving quality in end of life care through policy, evidence and reflective practice.
Who is the programme aimed at?

The programme is specifically for those:

  • working in adult social care, mainly supporting people who are not approaching the end of life, but with some who might be, for example in the community or in a care home
  • working in adult social care and providing supervision and professional support to other professionals who provide care and support for those not approaching the end of life, but with some who might be.
Programme delivery

The programme is designed to be delivered to groups of 10-15 learners in a traditional a classroom setting over a 2-day period. However, the programme materials allow flexibility in the delivery dependent on the learners and the situation.

The digital programme pack includes:

  • Learner workbook
  • Facilitator workbook including further guidance
  • Lesson plan
  • Support agreement template
  • Five hand-outs relating to the topics covered in the workbooks.

Cost: £900 +VAT for a two year license for the complete programme, exclusively available for endorsed providers.

For further details and to request an application form contact endorsement@skillsforcare.org.uk


Employers will be able to claim up to £140 from the Workforce Development Fund (WDF) to complete the End of life care programme.

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