The Grey Matter Group

The Grey Matter Group is a learning technology company - we believe in the power of the individual. We know, from years of gathering evidence, that the best learning experiences are person-centred and tailored to the learner. We understand and make use of the learner’s current knowledge, fill gaps in their learning and reveal the truth of their competence (or otherwise!) through evidence of their knowledge, understanding and practice. We believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to learning demotivates the individual and wastes time, and money. We want to see a world where people are supported to develop their learning into real, meaningful results. We know that the sheep-dip approach halts creativity and innovation. By making learning person-centred, then less time is spent struggling through and provides the capacity for people to deliver more and improve live

This provider offers courses in: Lead to Succeed – Skills for Care licensed programme, Support for registered managers, Sensory loss, Learning disabilities, Mental health, Assisting and moving, Care Certificate, Health and safety, Infection and control, Dementia, Medication, Mental Capacity Act, Safeguarding, End of Life Care, Other

Region: National

Level of endorsement: Centre of Excellence

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Telephone: 01635 890373